Saturday, January 31, 2009

Monkeys and Airplanes

Hey hey,

sorry I havent posted in a bit, its been hard to get on the internet since we got back from Burkina. We've been back for a few days and are just going through the list of things we havent done and things we want to do again before we leave Ghana.

Just two things aobut Burkina, which was lovely and filled with tasty french food. Burkina is a desert and was a french colony. It is very poor.

But we stayed with really rich people, which can be stifling but was fun. Mr Ron has a pet monkey. The monkey was kinda dumb but it was cute. A British Colonel Monkey i think. He chased me and I ran. seriously. this tiny monkey and i ran like a mouse being hunted by a cat. ha.

I also got to fly a plane. I know, who would let me do that? But it was wicked fun, and we didnt crash. sweet.

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