Monday, February 16, 2009


malls in the US... for me they are often soul killing life destroyers, bent on taking my money and energy, waiting for a moment of weakness to spring some deadly trap that will leave me in debt; penniless, alone, and incredibly tired.

malls in Dubai are both similar and different. I think the reasons behind the differences are many, although at first I just thought they were larger and more incredible versions of the same thing. instead my uncle pointed out that in Dubai it get hot. i mean HOT. I mean that you literally cannot survive outside without becoming a Bedouin. So people go to malls. i also noted that people werent really buying anything. I mean, occasionally people took advantage of the sales, but really people just bought food in the insanely amazing food courts. food courts filled with magical delights created in god's kitchen. (particularly crepes.) No, people just go there to hang out.

And well they should. not only the mall containing the insane aquarium with 1400 sharks, not only the fancy pants mall inspired by pyramids (and built with a whole bunch of them), that has an outdoor rooftop garden showing free movies every sunday night, and not only the enormous freaking mall with its own lake, skiing, and ice skating rink, but the fact that the taxi ride to most of these malls was really pretty reasonable, make them places worth going to. Of course... I only bought movie tickets, food, and 1 t-shirt. if youre here to shop, you'll probably end up a soulless monster feeding on the dreams of the young.

unless you're female. in which case you'll be fine.

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louisa said...

The just hanging out in malls thing sounded strangely like growing up in Georgia... then I realized Georgia is also hot. Probably not AS hot, but seems to generate the same phenomenon. Glad to hear back from you!