Friday, February 27, 2009


Ahhh freee internet, how i adore thee. well, your'e convenient anyway.

so i wanted to mention the awesome if slightly ghetto childrens playground we say in oth cairo and alexandria. They werent the same but contained the same toys. They were simple mechanical rides, made of tin, for small children. But the colors were awesome. You forget how important color can be, and for me the most interesting and awesome part of those rides were how colorful they were. Cairo is... not so colorful. For ingrid the cool part was the fact that they were all man-powered, none of them used electricity. Which means they were cheap and all the poor children who lived near there were scrambling around on these bright but dirty play structures.

now we are at the colin sullivan recommended Dahab Dorms. I have to say he was ight about how awesome staying here would be. But i will aslo say that my expectations of dahab and the sinai coast were very different than the reality. Id go on, but really thats long enough for one of my blog posts. later,

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