Thursday, March 19, 2009

Its been awhile

Unfortunately once we got to Jordan, the opportunities for us to hit the intent cafes dropped. Mainly because we are lazy and suddenly we had to pay for the internet again, and... meh.

So I will write a few posts right now and hopefully catch up on some emails that Ive been putting off.

First a word on Jordan. Although it was surprisingly expensive I really enjoyed it. getting there was a trip, we took a ferry across the red sea, and although it was the 2 o'clock boat, it left at 6:30 and since customs was on the boat the non-tourists were still in line when we reached Aqaba.

Petra was seriously unbelievable. Honestly amazing. We stayed at the cleopetra hotel, and they were exceptionally nice... but I will point out thato our host, Mosef,m was so hyper he put me, at my most caffeine high, to shame. I seriously thought he might be on speed, he was just so crazy. But very nice.

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