Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The beach was wonderful. Christmas on the beach was exceptional. we stayed at the most ridiculously romantic and beautiful "eco-lodge" i have ever heard of. unfortunately it was expensive, so we had to go down the beach to eat at the completely packed but hilarious backpacker lodge (green turtle) at least once a day.

The place wasnt totally perfect. Although we didnt sleep with lizards we definitely came home to find them pooping in our bed. The waves were fun but the ripp tide was definitely dangerous, and while untouched beach is intensely beautiful... there isnt Tons to do. it was still fun, but the highlight was probably when we found a kitten. This kitten followed us home. A 2 hour walk down the beach. It saw us, came over, and when we left it followed us over the rocks and along the beach. It almost drowned in the waves (Ingrid saved it) but made it all the way to our hotel. They took it to the kitchen and fed it. we were pretty excited for saving the kitten and not getting fleas.

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