Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Black Stars

We went to a black star's gmae on Sunday. It was really fun. The stadium is big and beautiful, and like football games everywhere there was lot of excitement and noise and backflips. Everytime ther was a goal, there were more backflips. Fun times.

The Black Stars started out playing wfully. They continuously dribbled up the field dramtically but neglected to pass. Over and over again. In the meantime the Nigerian team controlled the field, used tight formations, and had scored twice by the 35th minute.

By the second half the black stars were playing better. Its cler they are spending most of their time playing for other teams, but once they raised their level of play they equalized quickly and then by the 80th minute had made it 3-2.

Fun times, and fairly exciting. Best part... the tickets cost 2 cedis. sooo, $1.85?

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