Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cape Coast

So this last weekend we went to cape coast to see the slave castle there. A word on traveling there. We went in the most comfortable tro-tro Ive ever even seen. It had air conditioning. It wasnt to crowded. It had newly upholstered seats and no nails to stab you. Amazing.

Cape Coast was fun and interesting an the breeze from the ocean was welcome. The slave castle was... a slave castle. I dont know what I was expecting but I thought I might feel more. I gained a more intimate understanding of the horrors experienced by the men, women, and children captured and sold into slavery... but it was still an intellectual understanding. Unlike many people who have been to the cape coast castle, and to the elmina, I did not cry. I didnt feel much more than I have felt in other places of historic human evil. I didnt feel less, but not more either.

I do need to say that white people are ugly. Seriously. This is the first touristy place weve been, with a whole bunch of white people from many countries and well, theyre ugly. They dont know how to walk, and they sweat soo much and dont wear the right clothes and they're just kinda... weird looking. sucks for ya'll.

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