Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Elections contd.

Weve been back for a few days now and things are good. Weve been camped in Accra waiting for the results of the run-off election to be announced. There is no violence anticipated but today, when the results will be announced, the police and military is out in force; keeping an eye on the "jubilations."

Its fascinating to watch the groups of young people out in support, and our street has been blocked off and is being patrolled by the military. The electoral commision is only five buildings down the way. There is tension, but it mainly manifests in more poeple taking cabs and small crowds gathered around radios all over, arguing and listening to reporters describe the crowds as they wait to hear from the EC. Currently everyone is expecting the NDC to win, they had claimed victory already, but were chastised by the EC for speaking prematurely. We will see.

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