Friday, December 19, 2008

Headed to the beach

We left the camp last friday. They had a nice ceremony for us, saying goodbye, and gave us clothes, and then we headed back to Accra.

we have spent a fun week here, a day trip to the botanical gardens, and an overnight trip to ada foah, a tiny town nestled against an estuary. The botanicl gardens were clearly beautiful onc, and the tallest tree ive ever seen was there, but you cn tell that it is no longer taken care of. It was nice and green, but sadly shabby.

The town of Ada Foah (ada fo) is next to big ada and ada kasseh and it is a study in contrasts. A row of rich beautiful beach houses but around the corner is a thatch village that has been there for hundreds of years. We stayed with the nicest man I have met in ghana. he was old and used crutches but was incredibly kind.

Tomorrow we will head out to the beach. I meant to make this a longer post, but I spent my internet time reading the news, so I guess I will just tell you that im excited to go to the beach, that accra is still HOT, and that I wont have internet this week, so if you need me, call me.

Have an awesome Christmas.

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