Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Elections

They didnt pick a winner. The race is furiously close... 49.036% for NPP and 50.136% for NDC. A tie.

there were a lot of NDC supporters over by the electoral commission and they were not pleased. They anticipated winning and their party was in the lead all day but then the Electoral commission said that four constituencies had to be counted again (or mb hadnt been counted yet) and suddenly NPP gained a lot of ground.

This morning we met an anthropologist studying the process here; she was in the crowd and it did get tense towards the evening. She left when young people began to gather stones and sticks and were discussing what to do if the election was taken from them... but the EC played it smart and said that the eastern region (politically neutralish) was SO close that they had to have a revote. That will happen on Friday. Then we shall see.

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