Monday, December 8, 2008

Elections: Day 2

Today was a national holiday in ghana. and thats a really good thing because people are still counting all the votes from yesterday. counting and recounting. We have spent the day doing laundry or sleeping in the 100 degree heat.

now we are waiting for lection results it is 6:40 PM the day after and all we know just now is that the NDC has a slight lead. Parliamentary results are in, for the most part, and some of the presidential candidates have conceded... but the NPP and NDC are waiting for a run-off to be called. how will that work? Totally unclear.

Violence? only in a few cases, people here are excited that no missing bodies of officials have been found and that shenenigans have been beaurecratic and not violent... thus far. Except in the north but people just seem to shrug that off as though the violence there is sort of typical. huh.

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